Caminho Day 9

We decided that today would be our longest day at 34 kilometers. We headed off before 7am so we would be finished at a reasonable time.
Thankfully much of the walk today was in the shade so it got pretty warm.
Even with a number of stops at cafes for drinks and the toilet we still made pretty good time.
One of the challenges was getting through the city of Pontevedra as quickly as possible. We were through and out the other side before lunch.

The last seven kilometers was the hardest part of the day. Our feet were sore, it was getting hot and we did not know if we had a bed. The albergue we were aiming for is a municipal one which means no booking, first come first serve basis.
We arrived exhausted at 5 pm only to find no one else there! It is quite modern and sleep 28 but for tonight we have it to ourselves! Party!?! We are too sore and tired for that!

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