Caminho Day 7

Now that we are 100 kilometers from Santiago we are seeing more pilgrims. You need to walk this distance to receive the compostella or certicate when you arrive in the city.
We met one group of about 30 pilgrims with a guide.
Their gear is carrying ed for them so they only need day packs. It is easy to be critical but it is opening up the pilgrimage to more people.
As I said to another pilgrim as we were
Discussing this issue, “It is a lot like grace.” Whether we walk 200 kilometres or just 100 kilometres, carry a heavy load or not – the reward is the same. That is what is amazing about God. Sadly I didn’t get to say the last part to him.

There was no rain today and more patches of sun which is what we have been hanging out for.

We have also had to recalculate the distances for the last four days of the pilgrimage. There are five stages left not the four we had thought. That means that we will have to walk further each day to make it to Santiago by Saturday. Rebecca has a plane ticket out on Sunday and we would all like to finish at the same time. I think we are up to it!

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