Caminho Day 1

The day finally arrived and I know I was anxious about how it would go.
We were limited by the fact that we needed to drop some bags at the accommodation office and that didn’t open until 8am. We also wanted to start from the cathedral so that could have delayed our start. With some smart thinking by the team we were on our way by 8:30.

Leaving a major town is always a tiring expedition. Walking through the CBD, then commercial and residential areas, then just residential and finally industrial before hitting the countryside.

The real challenges today were busy roads and the road surface. All day we were battling traffic as there were few sidewalks. We also had to walk on stone roads made of square blocks. The surface of these blocks were uneven to walk on and the sound vehicles made as they approached was similar to aircraft noise. At least we had plenty of warning!

Caminho moments.
Rebecca losing a nut from her walking pole and the guy in the nearby bike shop more than happy to fix it.

Working as a team. Everyone complements each other. Some times walking with others sometimes alone but all looking out for each other.

Meeting others on the Camino although we have only seen a few pilgrims so far. Dinner with Ally from Minnesota and sharing cherries with a lady from Lithuania.

Hot shower and bed at the end of the day at a monastery as well as the company of friends new and old.

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