Arrived in Lisbon after a long trip, twelve hours to Istanbul and then a quick turnaround to Lisbon.

Apartment is rustic and we share it with the owner so it is “cosy”.

Visited the LX Factory Market which is an art, craft and design market situated in an old factory site. Crowds there on a Sunday afternoon enjoying the eclectic collection of merchandise, even helping to make their own fruit juice!
Two years ago when I visited the market I came across a gentleman selling Tintin figurines in shadow boxes. The inside of the box was decorated with the comic story associated with the figurine. I had wished I had bought one last time so didn’t think twice when I saw him there again.

After dinner in a Mexican wrestling themed restaurant we headed back to the apartment and collapsed!

Rebecca got in just after 1am after a flight delay. Ready to take on Lisbon again tomorrow.

It’s Monday and Lisbon is closed. Well that is what it seemed with the Monastery Jerome and the Tower of Belém not being open. Still wandered the waterfront and had some great food. Found the Tintin shop and explored the artsy district.
Walked a total of 15 kilometres which is a good start but short of what we will need to do on the Caminho.

On our last day in Lisbon we headed back to the Monastery to attend the 9:30 Mass but apparently it doesn’t happen on a Tuesday. Lunch at our new favourite sandwich place before heading to catch the train to Porto.

Takeaways from Lisbon

  • Tiles have never looked as beautiful.
  • Goes for the pastries as well.
  • Public transport is pretty good. The three day pass took the hassle out of having the right change or knowing exactly where you were going.

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